Monday, October 13, 2008

Sweet dreams...

I love the way God is working and speaking to me right now. I am seeking refreshment in my spirit; a hunger to know God and to quiet my mind enough to hear his voice. I have begun to ask God to show me abundant revelation. A couple of weeks ago, He spoke to me in a dream. I don't know exactly what it means right now, but I am so excited to have heard Him in this way.
In my dream, I walked outside of our house and wind was blowing wildly all around. I was facing north and gusts were coming down and around me making my hair whip my face. Corn, several feet taller than me, was growing all around the property, right up to our house. The corn bent back and forth in the wind. And the voice of God said to me, "Where there is wind, there is good crop. No matter what crops look like anywhere else--where there is wind, there is a great harvest." I raised my hands in the air and began praising God for wind and thanking him for good crops.
Lord, bring the wind!!
Here are some ways I have caught Julianna dreaming these last couple of days...

Also, this is our newest, adorable addition----
Julianna has named him Certo (Chair-toe)