Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Trip

I turned 27 on the 23rd. Julianna had a eye doctor's appt. in Omaha that day so we took the opportunity to do a few fun things. Basically right across the street from the doctor's office is a whole foods grocery store. OH MY GOODNESS! Will Sioux City ever get something like this? This store was huge! And what else? It was sooo busy inside!! How about weekly grocery shopping trips? Anyone?

Whole Foods for the win.

It was scorching outside so I couldn't get anything too touchy but we did get some organic crumpets, Ezekiel Pita Breads, and some Mac & Cheese. I was doubly impressed with their use of only paper bags.

Here we are in their parking lot, whole and healthy.
The IMAX theatre at Henry Doorly was doing buy one adult ticket get one free. I had never been to a 3D movie so this was pretty exciting. As we approached the zoo we encountered this:
It was the NCAA world series. LSU vs. Texas. The place was crawling with yellow and purple.

The movie was lacking substance but the 3D was really great. The people behind me may have snickered a bit when I reached my hand out to touch Africa.

For supper I had plans on going to my all-time favorite restaurant, The Macaroni Grill. This is all I found.
A sign on the door saying, "Please visit our nearest location..." in LINCOLN, NEBRASKA!!

So we found this Chinese Bistro next door and were pleasantly satisfied.

Happily, next door to this was the Cheesecake Factory. Chocolate-Kahlua-Coffee- Cheesecake on the patio after a rain?...Heaven.

On a side note-- Do you want to know how hot it was yesterday?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Have you ever wondered what a stay-at-home mom of 1 does all day? I would if I were you. I used to think that I might get a little bored being home everyday but it is surprising how you find things to fill your time.

I tend to be a structured person, I LOVE routine. Routines help keep me from getting bored and also from wasting my time. I also LOVE efficiency, I think I am an expert on it. When I have a plan to get things done I feel more free to be able to do things that I enjoy doing.

I try not to be too rigid because besides being pretty predictable, I also love to be spontaneous...I just happen to like spontaneity better when I have my docket done. Here is what a normal day looks like for me (is there ever a truly normal day?).

6:55 Up to make breakfast and see Micah off to work by 7:20
Menu: Monday--Oatmeal (soaked of course!)
Tuesday-- Eggs and bacon or sausage
Wednesday--Cold cereal
Thursday--Blender pancakes
Friday--Cold cereal
Having a menu just lessens my stress! I know exactly what to prepare the night
before without having to think about it.

7:20 Reading and Bible Study

8:00 Julianna wakes up. Get her breakfast and let her watch SuperWhy! while I go feed the animals, milk the goat, prepare milk for fridge.

8:30 Get dressed, do hair, put on some make up, check email and other net stuff.

9:00 Facilitate Julianna in tidying her room, making bed, and getting dressed while
I clean up kitchen from breakfast.

10:00 Cup of coffee! (with real cream) while Julianna and I do "school." --one of
my favorite parts of the day.

11:00 Julianna colors (her idea not mine...she also works better with routine) while
she watches her favorite show, Calliou, and Sid the Science Kid ("I love my mom, uh-huh, my mom is cool..."). I make lunch and plan/prepare for supper.

11:30 Lunch and clean up.

12:00 Take Jules outside, have her collect eggs, let out the chickens, and mess

12:30ish Cleaning. Each day has a different emphasis so that just about each part of
my house gets a pretty good once over every week.
Monday--laundry (although this is more of an all day task), kitchen, bathroom
Tuesday--living room, front entrance
Wednesday--dining room, school room
Thursday--bedrooms, bird cage
Friday--who wants to clean on Friday?

2:00 This is where Julianna normally goes down for a nap and I work on any of the
several projects I have going: church stuff, farmer's market, gardening,

5:00 Make supper

5:45 Micah gets home!

6:00 Supper time (this is often skewed during the summer)

8:00 Put chickens in, milk the goat

8:30 Jules to bed (what? Mom it's still light out! she doesn't always get to
bed on time)

9:00 Kitchen prepped for the next day, time to relax!

So... I'm pretty regimented, I know!. Don't judge me.
But seriously, my life is so much better with a plan. I would have a hard time getting out of bed without one.

Believe it or not, I don't carry a stop watch. After awhile of being in routine things just seem to fall into place. I feel like you could throw a kid or two in here and this plan would still work. I'll let you know when that happens.

Do you have a routine that you follow or do you work better just winging it?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Month of May

Well, I wanted to give brief updates on all of the things that have been going on in us and around us this past month or so.

We are still enjoying our cage-free eggs! Last year, Gev killed any chicken that dared to leave their pen. This year he has decided to turn a new leaf and has been a gentleman all spring. Our other pet just seems to know how to be at the right place at the right time. Thank you Maverick for your assistance in holding down my black garden fabric as the wind blew. On a side note, the cat we refused to spay and kept inside all spring to prevent procreation has had 5 kittens....

Gabe and Terry came back on Mother's Day weekend and had a sing-along in our kitchen.

Micah and Jules tried out the kite on one of our very breezy days.

Micah went in to have his gallbladder removed just over a week ago. He is now near full recovery and is back to work.

We also had a great surprise. I had given up on my goat ever having a kid. Well, she turned out to be carrying a nice sized, perfectly healthy little doe. More on this later....