Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HOME school

This morning we rode in with Micah when he went to work so Julianna and I could have a little outing/fieldtrip to Nature Tales at Dorothy Pecaut. We had an hour or so before we needed to head to the nature center so we did some school at Starbucks...After all, I had gone to the trouble drinking all of the coffee in my Starbucks whole bean bag at home and so why shouldn't I redeem the coupon at the top?

At the park today, they learned about rabbits, made a craft, and took a hike. We also ran into some old friends. Jules spent the day under the alias of, "Sherry" (her first practical joke).

A friend had recommended these little programs at the Pecaut center to us and I would encourage you to check them out too! This fun filled morning cost us all of a children's hot cocoa: $1.20.