Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Neighbors

Any guesses as to why we have been eating lunch like we are on a tv set?

Well, we are not in a show but we are watching one.

These are the best seats in the house to keep our eyes on this little cottage:

This cute little abode is, again this year, the home to a family of House Wrens.
There is non-stop action from the mom and dad Wren coming to-and-fro ALL DAY bringing food to little hatchlings that greedily stick their heads out of the nest with their mouths open wide.

The door says Welcome but the face sticking out says something totally different.

These faithful little bird parents remind me that if we are truly working in the love of Christ no amount of ingratitude will discourage us.  Press on little mama.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ethiopian Night

We love Ethiopia! We show it by celebrating some of the culture most Tuesday nights at our house....
 Meals in Ethiopia are very ceremonious and always revolve around INJERA!
There is something about the smell of the spices and the sound of Ethiopian music that unlocks memories in Josiah surrounding his time in that beautiful country.
Here is a short video of one special memory we have from Addis as we became family.  This is the cake cutting ceremony at the care center when Josiah left the title of orphan and his place in the orphanage good-bye!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week of EEK

I am a lover of all things slimy, slithery, jumpy, and all together creepy. 

Anyone who has been acquainted with me knows that to be a lie, BUT, you wouldn't know it by being at our house this past week. For starters, we have 4 caterpillars in our school room that we have captured and are watching transform into beauty.  Three Swallowtails and one Monarch.  Three out of four are in their sleeping bags right now undergoing a major makeover.
Secondly, while outside this week, I saw a new tenant in our doll tree house.  A neighborly tree frog. I showed the kids, knelt down to look at it a few times during the day, and took this picture.

 The frog did not get held until the man of the house came home--you know, the parent that can hold a frog without squealing.

Thirdly, yesterday the kids came in yelling, "We saw a snake! We saw a real snake!"  My reply of course was, "Where?" and "Micah!" Thankful that it was Saturday and that my brave husband was home so that if the despised creature was close to the house, I would not have to muster up any courage to go get the spade (something I am very proud of doing last summer but would not choose to do again). 

Micah went outside with the kids and found this little guy in our egress window.

 Not nearly as freakish as a slithering snake.  A rare find of a Barred Tiger Salamander (something we now know after some quick Google research).  Micah, of course, hopped down, scooped him up, and made sure both of the kids got a chance to experience him closely.  I have to admit, it was cute in a beady eye, crawly sort of way.  He was just so innocent, harmless, and NOT slithery, which is a big bonus point in my book of pleasantness...not that I would ever invite one into the foot of my bed!

 The kids both held him, one with a little more fear and trembling...and dropping than other. Julianna felt compelled to shout, "I can't believe I'm braver than a BOY!"
 It's OK Josiah, last summer you were terror stricken by this creature who has marshmallow paws:
We've made big progress.

I do NOT like creepy creatures but I DO love my kids and I DO love seeing them grow, be challenged, and learn about the incredible creations of God...which they are among.