Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free Project

So, I bought the owl shower curtain I had my friends vote on (I do LOVE it  btw). I have just been dying to go to Hobby Lobby and look for some new digs to hang on my bathroom wall to compliment the new look. Well, I had enough self-control to NOT go there on my weekly shopping trip to the big city. I am so happy that I waited because in the waiting I remembered this great link that I found on http://www.brokeandhealthy.com/category/home-life/diy-decorating , a great blog/website created by a friend of mine from camp in NC. Here is the project for a piece of wall decor:

 Do toilet paper rolls collect at your house like they do at mine? I happened to have the collection below on hand from what I was saving for kids' projects, allowing me to do this endeavor on a whim. Here I have marked them each with dashes at 1" intervals. You will want to decide how "3-D" you want your wall hanging to be. Mine is going in a small space and so I chose to make only a 1" protusion from the wall.
Cut strips where you have markings, it is actually perfect if the roll bends and creases as your scissors squeeze it together.  Hot glue the rings together in whatever fashion you dream up. 

Take it into the open air and spray paint that baby. I used a black gloss because that's what I had.

I think it goes swell with the new curtain.

Friday, July 15, 2011

My Kind of Project

  I am a party planner, routine planner, and a meal planner BUT I am NOT a project planner. So, if you are a perfectionist please go ahead and X this tab before you read my following entry and before I hear you sigh loudly while you roll your eyes.  This is a tale of trial and error DIY work.
   When inspiration hits, accompanied by an idea, there is not much that can stop me from trying to get it done...right now.  I don't make a list of materials to buy on my next trip to Menards, I don't always measure things accurately if at all, and I certainly don't wait around for the conditions to be favorable.  I am more of the lets throw together what we have and it might just work.  My projects may not pass quality control but they are resourceful, inexpensive, and do get done.
  Tuesday, about 4 o'clock I decided that maybe I would put the second coat of paint on my dining room while supper was cooking on the stove. After all, it has been 3 years since the first coat was put on and how involved is painting over what is already painted? I went to the basement and grabbed the gallon of Rabelais Song that had been so patient all of these years, a hand brush, and a roller brush. I didn't have a pan liner but that is just luxury anyway. My hand brush was pretty stiff but I can't remember the last time I used a paint brush that was really flexible. 
   Most people may have tested the paint on an inconspicuous part of the wall to make sure that years of shelf life had not compromised the color but, who are we kidding, you read my first paragraph--the one about being reckless and haphazard spontaneous and get-it-done.  Thankfully, and for your information, 3 years is not too long to store paint, it matched perfectly.
  That night I envisioned a scrolling, pattern across the top of the ceiling. I knew that the next morning I would do my best to make that happen. I didn't have a nice plastic stencil but I did have clipart, a cereal box, and a utility knife.  I picked this pattern out and spent the next hour or so with my utility knife creating my stencil:

I really liked it and felt good about how it was going to look. But after putting a few up on the wall...ICK.

It was too small, too intricate making it too sloppy, and my cereal box was not going to hold up across the wall anyway. The texture on the wall is on the deeper side making it prone to jagged edges and paint runs. BOO.

I went back to the drawing board looking for something more simple that I could make a lot larger.

This time I used a much finer brush that I had in the homeschool supplies. I also painted on the slick side of the cereal box so it didn't soak up as much of the paint. It turned out better.

As you can tell by the lighting in the picture it was now into the night hours.
I don't know that I am in love with the look, it actually turned out much more country than I had been envisioning. That doesn't excite me. But it isn't bad and I think it does make the room a little more comfortable and finished looking.

I decided that I would not do the entire room but maybe just a complimentary, simple one swatch across the opposite doorway.  After I had it up, Micah said, "I really liked the dots you had on the other pattern. Maybe you could add some to this." So, I dipped a pencil eraser in the paint and added these.

 I think I like them. Now to add them to the other wall...   Is that all just a little redneck home+something ?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Meeting

One year ago today we anxiously watched as a timid little boy was led out of a back room....

With his head cocked to the side and tongue limply sitting on his lip, he shuffled over and reluctantly leaned in to let his new daddy and mommy hug him.

Time flies and God is so good.
When they walk through the Valley of Weeping,
      it will become a place of refreshing springs.
The autumn rains will clothe it with blessings.
Psalm 84:6