Thursday, August 11, 2011

Have You Heard?

At least three times a day we stop to feed our bodies. We feel hunger so we open the fridge or stop by a convenience store and are immediately satisfied.  Many of us scrape left-over food into a garbage can night after night.

Did you know women with children desperate for nutrition in the horn of Africa, are walking for a couple of weeks to reach refugee camps only to find that they are already overflowing? hundreds of thousands overflowing.

We are thirsty so we turn on a faucet inside of our house and fill up a glass with clean drinking water...anytime we want.

Did you know that there are people who take plastic jugs to fill with muddy water from ditches and take it back to their thirsty children?

When our children are young we are able to get them vaccines with sanitary needles at little to no cost.  When they become sick or injured medical care and competent doctors are are only a car or ambulance ride away.

Did you know a mother is walking her starving children to a refugee camp right now?  When she arrives, she may unwrap the baby on her back to find that it has died without her knowing it.  Beautiful African people are dying today from measles, malaria, cholera....diseases we don't even worry about. 

What will you do? Will you pray? Will you pray with sincere anguish for the plight of these people?  Will you give generously?

$50 to Convoy of Hope ships 265lbs. of food and supplies. $50 half fills my grocery cart.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Curriculum Post

August is here...I am ready. I am anxious to roll into the school season and into a little cooler weather. I do realize that August can be just as hot as July but at least I can see September from here. 
 Don't get me wrong, I do love summer but summer has come hard this year and I am eager for the crisp air of fall to breeze in through my open windows... can't wait to open my windows. Summer has been stifling!
It has been great to just spend our days how we please and to work outside until bedtime. And although breaks are WONDERFUL, I know my children thrive better when our lives hold a speck more structure. Not to mention that I am so thrilled to be trying a new set of curriculum for my 1st grader, mainly from the Sonlight Core 1 B.
  Here is what she will be studying this year:
  • Bible:  Leading Little Ones to God, Bible reading and memorization
  • History/Geography:  Sonlight, starting in Mesopotamia and ending up with the Pharaohs in Egypt. Studying many missionaries along the way--very excited to read about George Mueller and his work with orphans!
  • Reading:  Sonlight readers, read-alouds, and the Beginners Bible. Excited to read things like Heidi, Homer Price, Understood Betsy, Mr. Popper's Penguins, and Balto.
  • Language Arts: Sonlight, Language and Thinking, maybe Explode the Code book 3.
  • Math: Horizons 1
  • Science: Sonlight: studying things like the earth surface and underground, weather, animals, space, electricity, our bodies. Using books like Starting Point Science and Science Activities Vol. 1.
If I am correct, I believe Sonlight was originally created to be curriculum for children of missionaries. I am excited because of the global perspective it presents, not so America focused.  It is also very comprehensive, something that just makes my stress level go way down. I don't have to make SO MANY decisions about curriculum for each subject!  It is highly structured, which many home-schooling parents and all un-schooling parents don't like...but I certainly do. Of course, my first paragraph was all about how I am ready to get back into a structured day! The schedules and lesson plans are all laid out like this:

 It has lesson plans to accomodate 4-day weeks or 5-day weeks, I haven't yet decided what route we will take. Anyway, totally stoked to dive in! Sonlight is one of the more expensive curriculums to buy, so much so in fact that I was pretty sure we would not be getting it this fall. However (PTL!), through getting the basics for it 3rd hand and scouring other used venues, piecing things together, I got it for just a little over 1/4 of the price of buying it new! God gives us the desires of our hearts, does He not?

 Josiah will be starting to do the Horizons Pre-School curriculum this fall which encompasses Bible, Math, Science, Reading/Phonics and life skills all in one book! I was very pleased with this when I used it with Jules 2 years ago, she learned SO much. We tried to do it with Jo last fall but, having only 2 months of English under his belt, we needed to put it away for this year. I think he is ready for it now!