Monday, October 24, 2011

First Steps

  Initial steps before our home study begins for our next adoption include background checks because we've been able to rack up a real record in the last two years since we did this last.  Just kidding, social worker! Oh well, we have to know children are going into safe homes. 
  Micah and I had to get fingerprinted at our local police department for our FBI criminal history.  Last time we did this, we had it done at the Law Enforcement Center where we pay to get inked by a jailer and all around feel like real criminals. We use it as a teaching tool for our children... about what the future holds for those who break the rules.
   We showed up there today expecting the same. I went to the front desk and said, "We're here to get fingerprinted."   The kind receptionist stated that the LEC only does that on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I told her that the lady I talked to on the phone said it was Mondays and Wednesdays.  She informed me that I must have been talking to the Police Department down the block. So we high-tailed it down to the PD. 
  Once there, a nice man in a nice tie came down in a nice elevator to get us and escorted us up to a nice office area where a nice machine took our fingerprints with no ink and no hand gun strapped to his waist. This was such a change from getting our fingers inked and rolled inside of the jail!  It also turned out as we chatted, that the fingerprint technician had been adopted! Added perk: it was cheaper at the PD $$$.  So happy that worked out like it did.

  In other news, things happening in our Gitlin Academy:
Floating Magnets

Growing grass from seed, just like God did on Day 3.

Surprise visit from Daddy at Home-School Co-op.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Next Stop...Thailand

Is that adoption paperwork?

Yes it is!

  It has officially begun again.  We are expanding our family through adoption once more! Our new little sweet heart is a two year old precious girl living in Thailand. 
  Our journey with her began in May of this year. We felt the tug from God after reading her profile and receiving her file from our agency's Waiting Child Program.  We both felt God telling us to "step out on the water." 
 Because of some significant health/developmental issues that are going on in her body  (will share more later) it took us awhile in order for our faith to increase and for us to actually take the next step--
-OUT of the boat. we are, walking in faith and believing that our God prepares and strengthens us for whatever he calls us to do.   As we trudge through the next few months of paperwork and time that just doesn't pass quick enough,  we are encouraged that our prayers are being taken to the throne of God. Jesus is interceding on our behalf for this process, for restored health of His beautiful daughter, and for the preparation that must take place in our hearts as we welcome a child with some special needs into our fold. Our prayers are more powerful when joined with yours.
Will you unify your heart with ours as we are out on the water? We want to keep our eyes on Jesus.