Friday, March 16, 2012

Full to the Brim

What is better, many little posts or one post that is brimming with news and pictures ?

I pick brimming today for two reasons:

1. My life has felt full to the brim lately. 
2.  Many pictures lends its hand to few words (I am usually a woman of few words).

News Story #1:  Our dossier has been to Washington D.C., hand carried to the Thai Embassy and U.S. Department of State for authentication, returned to us, more documents added, and off to our agency in Oregon to be sent to the Thai government.
Just yesterday as I was preparing an envelope to get the dossier on its way again, I received an email saying that the Thai government was now requesting an additional document. Phew! Talk about timing, I am so glad our packet wasn't already en route to Thailand when they made this decision. I was able to type it up last night and have things ready to go today, praise the Lamb!
Here the kids are holding my envelope of blood, sweat, and tears at the post office. It is such a frightening experience handing over something like this to a third party. You just don't want to let it leave the safety of your fingers! The USPS has never let me down so far and I am trusting them again, it should arrive at the agency's office Monday afternoon and then off to the Thailand--I hope they like us! 

News Story #2:  Sent in all paperwork for accepting assigned child.

This means we could also send our Peach a welcome book with pictures of our family, a letter, a new shirt and barrettes, and some pictures the kids had colored for her.  It also means $$$, but God has been extremely faithful in providing for every need so far!!

News Story #3:  I had hand surgery.

Like I posted last time, I went in for surgery on the fingers of my right hand last Monday. Still recovering but I had the stitches removed (all 36!) today.  The doctor said that by mid-next week I should be feeling some big improvement, just in time for gardening. 
Still taking it easy right now though.
Things that have been difficult/impossible:  ponytails, tying anything, taking sheets on and off bed, putting deodorant under my left arm, eye liner, opening Altoids tin,
shaking hands with people at church.
Things that have not been so bad:  homeschooling (only skipped the day of the surgery!), sleeping in until the kids get up, extra reading time on the Kindle (huge advantage for reading with one hand), enjoyable spring-like weather. 
 My family has been so sweet and understanding with me. Even sweet and understanding when I have the kids get in the Jeep from the back hatch and crawl over the seats b/c I that is the only door I can open using my left hand. 
And although Micah has taken on the supper dishes for the past week or so, he has not taken it easy on me regarding our nightly Sudoku competition. Have you ever tried to win a Sudoku against a genius with just your left hand?

News Story #4:  Peach had a birthday!

Our Peach turned 3 on Thursday. I hope she celebrated, we did here!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Story of my Hands

  I am preparing my home for a week of strictly, solely using my left hand...ay-ya! How does one prepare for something like that? 
  Next Monday I am having surgery on four digits on my right hand, including the thumb! This will leave my hand immobile for at least a week, I am right-handed wouldn't you know. So, I have made the extra meals and will have the laundry done ahead of time.  I have a great, long book downloaded onto my kindle and two eager kids who have offered to wash my hair and feed me with a spoon.

 This malady in my hands is actually very special to me. Strange? Let me tell you why:  God has redeemed this in a way that makes me joyful and weepy whenever I think about it.  I'm a little bit weepy writing about it now. Yes, that also happens during every episode of Biggest Loser BUT I really am moved by God's grace about this.
  About three years ago I had my hands prayed for at church. A friend of mine had a word from God telling me that the pain in my hands was the weight of bearing a child.  I hid that in my heart and really had not thought about it much until this last summer during a prayer time I had while walking outside at night.  God whispered to my heart that He was using the suffering of my hands to increase my faith in order that I might pray more powerfully for a certain little girl in Thailand that had been on my mind.
  I sobbed as I realized this incredible honor... God using my prayers to heal a child on the other side of the planet. I would weep many more prayerful evenings as he revealed that He was going to give me the honor of being her mom.  Believe me, I tremble under the weight of this responsibility.... yet I trust this path that He leads me on.

  And so, next week as a make my bed, get dressed, and butter my toast using only my left hand, I will be thinking of my Peach*, God's Peach*, who is also going through daily life without the use of her right hand.
God will increase my faith and the power held in my prayers. Hallelujah!

And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. 
 James 5:15a