Wednesday, May 2, 2012

INS...We'll Make it Better the Second Time Around

One of the most stressful events from our adoption with Josiah was obtaining our immigration paperwork. You can read the comic strip story-line that was our trip to get our biometrics here and our more stressful process of trying track down lost paperwork here.
Well, I must say this immigration approval process has been a breeze so far.
Earlier in April we headed to Omaha to have our fingerprints taken at the Dept. of Homeland Security.
We signed in at 7:45am for our 8am appointment and were the first to be seen--out of there by 8:20. It helped that I left my armory at home this time...those officers are always grumpy.
So we met some great friends at the zoo and spent some time enjoying creation. We also took our 2nd annual pictures on the vine swing.
We ended the day at one of our favorite Ethiopian restaurants. Our guests were really good sports.
I am also soooo happy to say that our I-800A approval letter arrived in our mailbox within the NEXT WEEK. Something in the INS office is running smoother 2 years later. Last time we were praying for a miracle of paperwork speed as our approval was the last thing we were needing before we received travel dates.  Things are a little different this go around as we are still months out from traveling but this little approval baby is now on its way to Thailand.