Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sweet Girl Birthday

In November of 2004, Micah and I heard a speaker at our college group say that if you are stepping out into God's will that you will be scared.  Scared because you are stepping into something much bigger than you are and into something you can't control.  If your life is totally under control, you aren't living in God's fullness.
  On our drive home to our apartment in Vermillion, we had this question on our hearts: Is there something in our life that we are trying to control instead of trusting in God?
  We both knew on that car ride that we needed to start trusting that God knew how to plan our family better than we did.
The next fall, September 6, seven years ago,  here we were...
Were we young?  Very.  Were we ready? Not even close. 
Is God good and obedience to Him sweet? ALWAYS.

So sweet...

Julianna, may God increase your faith in order for you to do the things he has had prepared for you to do before time even began.  We love you, you are a gift from God.