Friday, January 11, 2013

Our 100th Day of School!!

What can you make with cut-outs of 1 0 0?  Julianna made a key.
Josiah made a bee.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What We've Been Waiting For

The Lord directs the steps of the Godly.  
He delights in every detail of their lives 
Psalm 37:23

Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for Him to act.
Psalms 37:7

We received good news last week! Thailand reviewed our paperwork and decided we would be a good fit for Peach.  They took a nation-wide vote and it was unanimousNot really, but I do feel like I have been campaigning for months....mostly to God really, and finally His hand has moved.  
The adoption council in Thailand did not meet the 19th like we had planned on and I had written about last time.  However, they did hold a special meeting the following Monday to review our case and they granted us the coveted, elusive, and long-awaited First Approval--they said yes.
Paper work: Phase 3 is now underway as displayed in the picture above.  I am glad God delights in every detail because I sometimes don't!  We will file paperwork with USCIS proving that we will be supporting her financially (not Uncle Sam) and also petitioning to classify her as our immediate relative.  So far, during this adoption, Immigration Services have proved to be very efficient and timely, so I am expecting these two processes to be smooth and quick.

We also received two new photos of our gorgeous girl. 

 She may be the only little girl in Thailand celebrating Christmas! We are sooooooo (add a few more o's to that) grateful for the family who is caring for her and introducing her to Jesus.  She adores her foster family and they have been such a gift from God.  
That being said, please pray that her spirit will be prepared for us---the ones taking her away from them---and that she will be guarded from fear and surrounded by a feeling of sweet security.  We are praying that God would protect her heart from any trauma as she says good-bye to her country and her foster family.