Saturday, March 23, 2013

Can We Go Home Yet? And other helter-skelter updates

Thailand has been great but...we are sooo ready to blow this banana stand!  Or go home you might say.  Skype has helped a lot but we are a little heart sick for our kids and just ready to settle into our new normal.

This last week has been busy but also a lot of boring.  We travelled (I should say Micah travelled) to the doctor again on Tuesday to get Pip's TB test, for real this time.  On Wednesday we had the big deal that we came for meeting, getting the last go-ahead on the adoption.  Thursday we had the TB test read--PTL, it was negative (I guess TB is a real problem here and we certainly wouldn't be able to leave the country if the test had shown exposure). Yesterday, we made our way to the U.S. Embassy for our visa interview.  We waited for what seemed forever, had a crying fit in the waiting room, but overall had an easy interview and should be able to pick up Pip's visa right in time for our flight home next Tuesday night.  

**BTW, taxi rides have gotten much better!  Our first two were a very bad sampling of what is really a safe and cheap way of transportation.  It turns out they don't all take unknowing tourists around extra blocks to rack up meter miles, have extremely dilated eyes, try to pick up women for your husband, and make loud noises at your newly adopted daughter.

Other than our obligations, we have ventured out only a little to get groceries.  The walls of our hotel room are closing in a bit.  I have finished three books this week and read plenty of social media--however, my FB is pretty dead at 3:30 in the afternoon while you all sleep.

Attachment so far has really been great, she is showing all of the signs of a healthy transfer. She certainly is grieving but that is healthy too.  This is so different from our last adoption in so many ways.  She understands the concept of family, has been attached to one, and knew who we were far ahead of our first meeting.

My parenting of a 4 year old is; however, a little rusty. It is a difficult thing to become someone's mom all of a sudden --starting from ground zero with someone who has an established personality and will.  Sizing one another up, recognizing expectations, all while emphasizing unconditional love is a delicate process. What I have clearly figured out, is that she is a strong-willed little girlfriend!  I know that this will serve her well in the life challenges she will face; but it does cause some "Lord, help me!" moments in this season of our relationship.

Thank you for petitioning heaven on our behalf.  We daily see the fruit of your prayers.  We will be going to worship at the international church again tomorrow morning--a little taste of heaven!

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The Buck's said...

If you are wanting to get out of the hotel for a while. The hotel van can drop you off at Lupini park. It has a good little playground and beautiful walking areas. You do however, have to walk back to the hotel. But stop at the Life Center for a smoothy before doing that :). This all is of course, if you are at the Pantip?? We also enjoyed jumping on the skytrain or subway, I can't remember which one, and going to the Terminal 21 mall. Both activities are inexpensive.