Sunday, April 7, 2013

The New Us

Pip update:
We've been home about 10 days and can we just say...We ADORE her!  Every one of us can't get enough.  Call it the honeymoon maybe, but I'll call it God's perfect fit in God's perfect time.  Although we are still keeping her world very small, and we are still employing all of the attachment strategies we have learned, her adjustment and transition has been nothing short of supernatural

 Her concept of family is strong and she showers "biiiiig" and "small" kisses. She is an animal lover, book lover and a foody.  She revels in her morning bath time and rough play with dad. 

Her giggle will melt your heart...and let me just tell you, this girl can crack herself up!

Here are some pictures of our spring shenanigans as a family of 5!